Be smart about your house

with Your House Professor

Whether you are buying, selling, or already own your home, a careful and studious analysis of your home has long-term value. With the report provided, you will know:   

  • The condition of every major component from the foundation to the roof

  • Prioritized deficiencies

  • Potential problems

  • Maintenance items 

  • Tips for preserving home value

  • Safety concerns

  • Energy saving potential

  • Much more


Your House Professor serves the Greater Richmond Area



What do you get with a home inspection?

Your house professor pours over the visually accessible areas of the home. During the inspection all of the components typically used within the home are operated (or tested) to verify proper installation and working order.


For example, all accessible doors and windows are opened and closed. The roofing materials are closely inspected. The air-conditioning and heating systems are operated if possible. The inspection will include over 400 items. The condition of those items will be noted, and photographed where appropriate.


You are encouraged to attend the home inspection to learn firsthand about the home. Regardless, upon completion a detailed home inspection report will be e-mailed to you that includes specifics on the items, locations, and any need for further attention.